Outset has been helping artists to realise their visions since 2003: we give strategic advice, we broker new relationships, we build communities of interest, we expand public audiences, we create circles of trust.

Outset Greece was founded in 2012 as an independent philanthropic organisation supported by NEON to direct substantial funds to promote contemporary art in the current political and economic landscape in Greece. NEON was founded by contemporary art collector Dimitris Daskalopoulos and like Outset works to bring contemporary culture in Greece closer to everyone. Both organisations are committed to broaden the creation, understanding and appreciation of contemporary art in Greece, resting on the firm belief that this is a key tool for growth and development.

Under expert guidance, Outset’s directors and partners provide funds to respond to what artists and curators really need.

Our ethos is best expressed through our name: be there at the outset.


89, Amaroussiou Halandriou
Halandri 152 33

Tel.:+30 211 3007500

Elina Kountouri

Artemis Stamatiadi
Grants Coordinator

Our Focus

  • Professional development for Greek artists and curators
  • Productions of Greek and international contemporary art
  • Exhibition and publication support in Greece
  • Institutional collecting in Greece


Outset Contemporary Art Fund Greece invited artists and curators to submit grant applications.

Submissions were being accepted until 31 January 2019 in support of:

  • Education and professional development for Greek artists and curators
  • Productions of Greek contemporary art
  • Local & international exhibitions and projects by Greek artists and curators


Outset is present in 8 countries. We collaborate to enable projects across the world. Giving our patrons and colleagues access to our international network.

Artists , Curators , Institutions