Outset has been helping artists to realise their visions since 2003: we give strategic advice, we broker new relationships, we build communities of interest, we expand public audiences, we create circles of trust.

Outset Germany was founded in 2006 and extended its activities to Switzerland in 2017. Under expert guidance, Outset’s directors, patrons and partners provide funds to respond to what artists and curators really need.

Our ethos is best expressed through our name: be there at the outset. That’s why we can offer our supporters – both individuals and corporates – experiences, insights and opportunities they won’t find anywhere else.

Outset Germany_Switzerland’s corporate sponsors are Phillips Auction House, London, Westend Art Bank, Berlin and Talbot Runhof, Munich.




Auguststrasse 69
10117 Berlin
Phone +49 (0)30 81725741

Bettina Böhm M.A.

Bettina Klein
Development & Programme Director

Katarina Schloesser M.A.
Project Director

Stefanie Ostwald
Office Manager



Jan Fischer
Ramin Salsali

Our Focus

  • Mediate between private patronage, public museums and artists
  • Supporting international public institutions to fulfill its educational mission through the donation of relevant works of contemporary art to its permanent collections
  • Promote a creative infrastructure and keep the cultural landscape alive
  • Enable production of new work and exhibitions
  • Education and professional development for artists worldwide
Outset is present in 8 countries. We collaborate to enable projects across the world. Giving our patrons and colleagues access to our international network.