Outset has been helping artists to realize their visions since its inception in the UK In 2003. With the many International chapters Outset has grown Into a reliable and independent philanthropic partner to endless public Institutions and artists around the world. Outset Netherlands was created In 2012 with the aim to provide financial support and endorsement for projects that enable contemporary artists their first step into institutional representation. It Is this first inclusion in a group of solo exhibition or acquisition of a new work that is pivotal for the career advancement of the artist and it is exactly that moment that Outset aims to support.

Outset guards its integrity and independence as a partner to all publicly funded institutions of contemporary art in the Netherlands by working closely with their curators. The funds are provided through private donations from our patrons, who in return are giving unique access to the artistic discourse of the supported projects.

The key to our support – Outset Netherlands patrons

Outset patrons consists of a group of individuals who love contemporary arts and are keen philanthropists, who believe in the power of effective and meaningful support to advance the landscape of contemporary art In the Netherlands.
Our patrons share the wish to support artists at the crucial first moment of institutional representation. Together, they provide funding for exhibitions and commissions of new work across the public museums. Their funding and endorsement for the artists “at the outset” is meaningful and important. It is this support and sense of shared valuable contribution that motivates the patrons to donate to Outset’s fund. Being part of Outset allows for unique access to the creative discourse of our supported projects from the very beginning, be it at bespoke encounters with the artists, the curators and other art professionals.


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