We see the institutions that capture the dynamic Zeitgeist as creative ecosystems where relevant contemporary culture is nourished to blossom, and is open to everyone. 

We establish sustainable relationships with these institutes and independent curators to respond to what they and the artists need to realise their vision. The Outset board comes together 3 times a year to evaluate these close relationships and determine the next round of support. A part of the budget is reserved for other art initiatives that also feel urgent. It is our intention to support projects at an early, critical stage of their development, as is best expressed through our name: be there at the outset.

Our funds are enabled through the generous donations from patrons. Patrons are individuals, foundations and businesses who seek to support contemporary art with close involvement with the supported projects. By supporting these ecosystems, Outset creates unparalleled opportunities for patrons to engage in the artistic discourse and the creative process. 

Outset Netherlands is a philanthropy fund founded in 2012. It is one of the nine countries that together form Outset Contemporary Art Fund. Each country works independently and occasionally collaborates in funding larger projects and in hosting virtual sessions and international research trips.

*Please note that due to this year’s 10-year anniversary of Outset Netherlands we currently do not accept any project proposals*

The Outset team consists of Daan Knijnenburg (programme and communication) and Stephanie Schuitemaker (director). 

The Outset Netherlands Board consists of Luise van Holk (chairman) Auke van den Hout (treasurer), Marlof Maks (secretary).

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Fonteinkruidstraat 74
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The Netherlands

Stephanie Schuitemaker

Daan Knijnenburg
Programme & Communications

Luise van Holk (chairman)
Auke van den Hout (treasurer)
Marlof Maks (secretary)


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