Outset has been helping artists to realise their visions since 2003: we give strategic advice, we broker new relationships, we build communities of interest, we expand public audiences, we create circles of trust.

Outset Greece was founded in 2012 by Elina Kountouri as an independent philanthropic organisation exclusively supported by NEON and its founder Dimitris Daskalopoulos to direct substantial funds to promote contemporary art in Greece.

Between 2012-2020, Outset Greece has allocated almost €500,000 through grants and scholarships to support 77 institutions and individuals, for the implementation of exhibitions, performances, contemporary dance productions and residency programmes in Greece and abroad, strengthening and promoting the work of gifted Greek artists. A total of 867 artists, curators and other creators were enabled to present their work to the public through our support.

In 2021 Outset Greece enters a new phase under the direction of Artemis Stamatiadis, which will bring a continued focus on the breadth of contemporary creativity supported, with an aim to ensure the sustained cultivation and development of originality of young people and organisations active in the field of contemporary art.

Under expert guidance, Outset’s directors and partners provide funds to respond to what artists and curators really need.


Athens, Greece

Artemis Stamatiadis

Artists , Curators , Institutions