Outset Greece aims to support and promote cultural organisations, museums and artists by offering crucial funding support, while also activating networks and initiating new relationships and partnerships.

Outset Greece focuses on:

  1. Leading innovative initiatives that strengthen contemporary practices on a global scale.
  2. Supporting local Greek contemporary visual art and facilitating artists to realise their visions.
  3. Utilising Outset’s international network to build synergies and collaborations.

Outset Greece was founded in 2012 as a non-profit organisation by Elina Kountouri, with the support of the entrepreneur-collector Dimitris Daskalopoulos.

It has provided funds to 116 institutions and individuals for the implementation of exhibitions, performances, contemporary dance productions and residency programmes in Greece and abroad, strengthening and promoting the work of gifted Greek artists. In 2021, Artemis Stamatiadis was appointed director, bringing her rich experience in arts organisations, to the role.

All supported projects can be found here.


-‘Seeing the Invisible‘ at the National Garden of Athens, 2021-2023

-Deo Projects ‘My past is a foreign country‘, Chios, 2023

-Iris Touliatou ‘Gift‘, Kunsthalle Basel, 2023

-‘Hippodamia in Context‘, Station One Air, Victoria Square Project, 2021

-Loukia Alavanou ‘Towards New Horizons‘, State of Concept, 2018

-Stefanos Tsivopoulos ‘History Zero‘, MOMus – The Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki, 2014

-‘Hell as Pavilion‘ Palais De Tokyo, 2013

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