Outset Partners Award | FAQs

Please note that information will be updated on this site on an ongoing basis; a complete set of guidelines and instructions on how to apply will be posted once applications open.

Who can apply?

The Outset Partners Award is open to any cultural organisation who has been invited to apply. Applications are extended by invitation to the international network of institutions and art spaces supported by Outset to date, as well as those institutions additionally invited by Outset Partners, Trustees and staff members. If you would like to submit your institution to be considered to join this network, please get in touch with grants@outset.org.uk.

How do I apply?

Invited institutions will receive an email in February of each year outlining the application process, with a link to a short application form. Only complete applications will be considered. At the long-listing stage, successful applicants will be asked to provide an additional layer of detail. Outset wishes to offer an inclusive application process. If there is anything that the Outset team can do to support a more accessible experience then please email grants@outset.org.uk.

Do projects need to take place within a specific time frame?

To be eligible to apply, projects have to be announced to the public at the end of each year, regardless of their realisation date. Whilst a fixed timeline isn’t required within your application, you are encouraged to propose projects that are taking place a year following your application submission and beyond. There is no requirement to have completed your project by any specific date.

How are decisions made?

The judging panel is composed of Outset Partners who each have an equally-weighted voting right and is thus personally involved in the consensus-driven selection process. Their journey throughout the cycle is led by an independent Research & Strategy Lead who chairs each meeting and directs research that informs Partners in their decision-making. Additionally, the process is followed in close consultation with Outset’s Steering Committee; a group of engaged individuals who have been long-term patrons of Outset and/or sit on its Board of Trustees. Whilst their contributions and extensive experiences are welcomed as advocates of the arts sector, only the Outset Partners decide upon where funding is ultimately allocated.

What is the timeline?

Applications open in February of each year and remain open for approximately one calendar month. These registrations of interest are evaluated by the Partners, who choose a long list of projects from which they would like to receive a more detailed application, including a three-minute video. Following careful consideration and deliberation, and after an extensive shortlisting process, Outset Partners will interview the final applicants over Zoom in the Summer of each cycle round.

The group will then convene in the Autumn of each year to make a final vote on which projects will receive funding. Successful applicants will be notified shortly after, and a public announcement will be scheduled at the end of each year.

Who may I contact for assistance?

The application and feedback process is managed by the Outset team. If you have any further questions, please address them to grants@outset.org.uk and we will get back in touch.

What are the grants that are available to apply for?

Each cycle, Outset Partners awards several Impact Awards of up to £25,000, and one Transformative Award of up to £150,000 to chosen institutions.

Who were awarded the 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 Outset Partners Award?

A full list of recipients can be found on the following page.