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Founded in 2003, Outset Contemporary Art Fund is a hub for creative funding solutions for contemporary art with patronage at its core. 

Outset is the only international and independent philanthropic organisation raising private and corporate funds to support new art for the public arena.

Under curatorial guidance, Outset’s trustees, patrons and partners support exhibitions, productions, museum acquisitions and capital campaigns to benefit institutions that range in scale from grassroots organisations to leading international museums. 

Outset’s role is to establish and nurture relationships that allow patrons and corporate organisations to support selected art projects through financial assistance and strategic advice.

What sets Outset apart is its involvement with artists and curators at the formative stages of their career, enabling them to realise their visions. 


ALDEN VOLNEY EXHIBITION AT CUBITT GALLERY CURATED BY MORGAN QUAINTANCE - Outset is pleased to announce the current exhibition of artist Alden Volney at Cubitt Gallery curated by Outset Fellow Morgan Quaintance. ... Read More

HEDWIG HOUBEN AT SPIKE ISLAND - Outset to announce its support of artist Hedwig Houben's first UK solo exhibition at Spike Island, Bristol. ... Read More


LOUISA MARTIN exhibition at Cubitt Gallery curated by Morgan Quaintance - Outset is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition at Cubitt Gallery opening on Wednesday, 9th March, A Public Resource, curated by Morgan Quaintance. ... Read More



Outset is delighted to announce the launch of the Outset / Government Art Collection Fund, which took place on 3rd February 2016 at 11 Downing Street. 

A creative funding solution for contemporary art  The Outset / GAC Fund is a new creative partnership between the private and the public sector. Its objective is to add 12 important woks of contemporary art to the GAC. 12 artists who have an on-going relationship with Outset receive our grant towards the production of new work for public display and in recognition of the support, each artist donates an existing or a new work to enrigh the GAC.

A 14-year track record of on-going support for artists - Fiona BANNER; Zarina BHIMJI; Pablo BRONSTEIN; Shezad DAWOOD; Siobhán HAPASKA; Anne HARDY; Isaac JULIEN; Goshka MACUGA; Laure PROUVOST; Gillian WEARING; Nicole WERMERS; Richard WENTWORTH.

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